Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Done it. Found the way through...

Following my last post, I have spent the last week or so in despair - partly because of undergraduate essays and the standard of english therein - and partly because I couldn't get started on the next chapter.

Well, I think that I might have unblocked the mental constipation - thanks to Em who has listened very patiently, and who has read 750 words of complete crap, and to my attendance at the seminars run by my secondary supervisor.  My white board currently contains an elegant mindmap - which makes sense.  I finally figured out what the problem was - my definition of baby-farming was attempting to be too restrictive, and what I needed to do was to change the focus, less onto the practice and more onto the purpose, which I think was to meet the need for a means of dealing with an 'inconvenient' pregnancy/child.

Just got to write it now....


  1. Glad you managed to get past your block. Your subject is fascinating, and somewhat connected, albeit tenuously to mine.Some of the figures I am looking at carried out, or were accused of, Babyfarming.

  2. Thanks! It's moving now, which is a wonderful feeling. I've got a week to get something on paper for The Supervisor.

    Strangely enough, I gave a seminar this morning during which we discussed the amount of time that you should take to plan as opposed to writing. I asked a few of the students how long they took to plan the essays that I'd just marked, and I was kind of gratified to find that those with the higher marks had spent more time planning.

    So, in light of this, I have decided that I haven't been suffering from writer's block, I have been indulging in extended planning.

    Or, that's the theory, anyway.

  3. So glad your gestation period seems to be over, and your labour pains have finally born fruit - to use all the puns I can muster related to childbirth!
    Nothing worse than writers block - I've posted about it more times than I care to mention.
    I have converted to Scrivener and although I am still learning the ropes it is proving to be very writer friendly! I am also finding mind-mapping incredibly fruitful - and my whiteboard is now chapter planning central!

    Thank you for your continued input and support - it's marvellous to know I am not alone in this bubble they call academia.