Tuesday, 18 October 2011

University. What is it for anyway?

Once again, talking to an undergraduate challenges my preconceptions.

I've just been visited by one of the students that I taught last academic year, for whom I'm writing a reference.  She's a lovely girl - a little shy in seminars, but very bright and committed to getting a good degree.  So, I am delighted that she asked me to help her to find a place on a training contract.

After we got the 'business' out of the way, discussing the best way for her to write her personal statement, we chatted.  I was surprised - this pretty, bright, intelligent girl confessed to not enjoying her time at Uni.  She likes the academic stuff, but the social life seems to have pretty much passed her by. I was surprised.

As a mature student, I kind of assumed that most of the young things were having a wonderful time, out every night, doing 'shots' and getting generally plastered on the Carnage pub crawls.  I also thought that those who didn't were probably reading Electronics or Computer Science and were at home reconfiguring their Unix servers, like the guy that I worked with on the Library and IT Helpdesk.

Just goes to show that assumptions are often wrong.  Appears that some of the young people are just like us mature students.  Who would have thought it?  I must remember this.


  1. That is interesting.To be honest, when I was at uni all those years ago I hated it - one of the reasons I dropped out and am now studying with the OU.

  2. Interesting, isn't it?

    Yes, I understand - I dropped out first time round after two years of an education degree. It all seemed like a supreme waste of time.

    Now, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else...