Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Back in the saddle.

Back from holiday, and back to work. 

Before I went away, I asked FHB to look at the draft of my chapter, and I almost wished that I hadn't.  He pulls no punches, that lad, and when I received the document back covered in corrections and suggestions, I despaired.  I felt like giving up, frankly. 

But, a week later, far more relaxed, I can now look at those comments more dispassionately, and I have to say that in most cases I think that his comments are correct.  The ones I disagree with, I shall ignore, and let The Supervisor sort it out!

So, thanks to the FHB, I now know where the gaps in my research are, and which bits of the draft are drivel and need to be removed.  There's a lot of hacking about to do, and until it's done I can forget about having a life.

So, for the next fortnight, I need to get my head down and make sense of what I've got in front of me.  You know, I really am very lucky - not only do I have The Supervisor, but I also have the FHB.  With those two behind me, I really should be able to produce something decent!

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