Wednesday, 1 December 2010

"Are you wearing a vest?"... mother asked accusingly as I left the house on Tuesday.

"A vest?  I'm 45 years old, and I think I should know by now whether or not I should be wearing a vest,"  I responded as I swept through the hall in high dudgeon. 

Of course I was wearing a vest.  It would have been foolhardy to go out into that weather without one, I just didn't want her to think that I needed to be reminded to dress sensibly at my age.  As a student I retain the vestiges of a need for rebellion and this includes the fantasy of wearing unsuitable clothes; I just can't summon up the energy any more, and comfort is a more important driver than anything else.  So, thermal underwear and Dr Martens are the order of the day - even if I don't like to admit it.  I console myself with a selection of hats that are as stupid as they are warm.

As with most of the rest of the country, the weather has had a significant impact on this part of the world.  As Seasidetown hadn't had any snow whatsoever on Tuesday, I thought that I really ought to go into Unitown to pick up some books in case the nasty white stuff arrived later in the week, and to go to a Postgrad study group, for which I had done the reading.  In full.  And had made notes and had some intelligent questions to ask.  All to be wasted as it turned out.

As I drove further from the coast, the snow increased, and the car became increasingly nervous about the conditions under tyre.  In fact, the most nerve wracking part of the journey was parking in the student car park.  I wasn't sure if the car would stop when I put my foot on the brake, but stop he did albeit with a nasty crunching sound of snow under the wheels.  I scooted into the Law School, gave my apologies to Metella, who was doing the presentation, grabbed my books, skittered over to the dining hall to have lunch with a friend who wanted to look at my Kindle (the e-book reader (other e-book readers are available...), not a euphemism), and hurtled carefully back to the car park.  In the time that I'd been gone, an inch of snow had accumulated on the roof of the car.

We (the car and I) slithered out of the car park, and at the mini roundabout at the edge of campus, I put my foot on the brake - nothing happened, so I offered up a quick, fervent prayer to the patron saint of all drivers, and skidded gently round onto the main road.  Luckily, nothing was coming the other way.  The journey back to Seasidetown was slow, and cautious.  The car is back in his hutch, and I have retired to my flat, and here I am staying until Friday, at least.

I have enough books to be getting on with, and plenty of work to do.  Actually, it's amazing how much you can get done when it's too cold to go outside.  I went out for a walk earlier - there is still no snow as such in Seasidetown, but the wind is so cold that it feels as though you're being stabbed in the face by chilled stainless steel knives.  I'm staying inside for as long as possible!

Stay warm all. 


  1. I went out cycling on Saturday without my gloves - that was a mistake!

    I have my favourite bit of kit, my Shemagh - I have had one for years now, it makes a servicable scarf in winter, a sun hat in summer and can be adapted into a sling or at a stretch a modesty towel when getting out of a wetsuit.

  2. I just googled Shemagh (I didn't know what it was), and was surprised to find that I've been wearing one for years!

    How right you are - a very useful bit of kit.

    No gloves? I've just treated myself to a new pair which are fleece, fingerless gloves with mitteny bits to put over the ends of the fingers. Brilliant - I can keep the old paws warm, and be able to use the phone or iPod without taking my gloves off. Highly recommended.